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100 basic phrases in English

Here is a video with 100 basic phrases in English. It will be good practice for you. They will help you revise vocabulary and grammar you know and learn a few new things. Repeat the sentences to improve your pronunciation.

Aquí tenéis 100 frases básicas en inglés. Serán buena práctica para vosotros.Os ayudará a repasar vocabulario y gramática y aprender a lgunas cosas nuevas. Repetid las frases para mejorar la pronunciación. Automatizar estas estructuras os ayudará a la hora de crear vuestras propias frases.

The Simpsons family

Aquí tenéis la redacción que habéis hecho entre todos. Congratulations!

Resultado de imagen de simpsons

This is the Simpsons family.  They live in Springfield, USA.

Bart is a bad boy from Springfield. Bart has two sisters. Their names are Maggie and Lisa. The most intelligent person in the Simpsons family is Lisa. The three children make life imposible for their father.

The bald (calvo) man is Bart’s father. He is a great drunkard /he drinks a lot and stays all day in Moses’s bar. His name is Homer. He works in a  nuclear power station. Homer’s enemy is his boss.

The woman with a baby is Bart’s mother and her name is Marge and the baby’s name is Maggie. She is an understanding woman.

He has two pets and Bart’s favourite pet is Santa’s Little Helper. He is a dog.

Bart’s best friend is Milhouse. Bart and Milhouse like to play jokes (gastar bromas).

The policeman from Springfield’s name is Chief Wiggum.